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Hero Treatment

A Life-Transforming Approach
Academics, Social-Emotional Development, and Fine Arts

At Lighthouse Academies, we are transforming lives by providing our young scholars with an arts-infused academic curriculum that emphasizes social-emotional development. Like other schools, Lighthouse prepares scholars for success in college and life, but what sets us apart from the rest is our unique three-pronged approach. Our focus on academics and social-emotional development through an arts-infused program ensures our scholars receive a differentiated and well-rounded education, providing them with the tools and skills that will help them succeed and thrive long after they leave our classrooms.

Our Approach

The Lighthouse Academies program is comprised of the following:

Rigorous Academics

We utilize data from a variety of growth and standards-based assessments to guide our instruction and customize lessons to meet the specific needs of our scholars.

Social-Emotional Development

Our scholars develop and hone their critical thinking and communication skills as they learn to take initiative, build healthy relationships, and become positive contributors to the community.

Arts-Infused Environments

Hands-on exploration and participation in the arts offers an immersive, enriching experience where creativity is encouraged and celebrated. In addition to fine arts courses, our scholars have opportunities to meet and learn directly from prominent artists and musicians. At Lighthouse Academies, we recognize the value of the arts and its role in providing outlets for appropriate self-expression and strengthening problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Support for All Learners

We recognize each scholar’s unique qualities and work to meet their needs both individually and collectively. Lighthouse scholars experience a mix of whole-class, small group, and individual learning opportunities through a variety of learning modes. We want every scholar to succeed, and we commit to providing them with every chance to maximize their potential by providing support and opportunities on all fronts.