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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are the catalyst to fostering empowerment within our schools. Mutual respect, trust, and equality are the foundations upon which we build a culture that nurtures scholars’ unique voices, cultural backgrounds, opinions, and dreams. Healthy relationships among all members of our community enables our culture of collaboration and empowers all members of our community to take academic risks and embrace the challenges of academic and personal growth.

The Primary Promise

At Lighthouse Academies we believe that literacy is the gateway to obtaining knowledge--and therefore achieving success--throughout college, career, and life. We know that each student’s literacy journey is unique and that they all learn at their own pace. Unlike many other schools that teach to the “average” student, we create learning plans that address each scholar’s individual needs rather than expecting them to conform to standardized grade plans. Recognizing that scholars come to us with varying speaking and listening skills and that some are learning English for the first time, we ensure that all scholars can actively listen to and speak with others in ways that demonstrate self-regulation and self-management and foster collaboration and discussion. We promise to prioritize explicit literacy instruction starting in kindergarten so that by third grade all scholars have both the strong literacy foundation and social-emotional skills to successfully transition to reading to learn. For scholars entering LHA after kindergarten, we guarantee they will meet or exceed grade-level expectations within three years. We provide proactive interventions for scholars who need additional academic support to stay on track with our three-year primary promise.

The Purpose of School

Lighthouse Academies prepares scholars for college, career, and life in an ever-changing world. It is the unique “how” our scholars are prepared to activate their hopes and dreams and to affect positive change and a significant impact on the community around them. In our Lighthouse practice, we routinely and habitually push beyond asking scholars to respond to academic questions that have fixed, “correct” and “incorrect” answers. Instead, Lighthouse educators continually inspire and empower scholars to think curiously, creatively, critically and collaboratively about the world around them and to explore answers to open-ended questions about their world.


In order to provide our scholars with exceptional instruction, they must have exceptional teachers. Our teachers and staff go through a rigorous hiring process to ensure they are a good fit for our unique approach to learning. In addition our teachers receive ongoing coaching and professional development in a collaborative environment. Each member of our team shares our passion for developing responsible citizens. Our team members embrace a growth mindset and believe that our scholars can succeed with hard work and dedication and will stop at nothing to reach that goal.