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Beyond Academics: Social-Emotional Development at LHA

Developing our scholars academically is just one part of what we do at Lighthouse Academies. Just as important to our scholars future success is their social and emotional development. There are many qualities that we believe our scholars need to develop in order to achieve success throughout their lives, which is why we have developed our SHINE character education program and our ACES program focused on building the habits that they will need for future success in college and career pursuits.


We focus on the following four areas of social development:

Active Community Membership

Our scholars work to identify the needs of their community and make positive contributions that make a positive difference for all members of that community.


Our scholars problem solve, make decisions, and consider multiple perspectives while approaching challenges in and out of the classroom to help them develop their own critical thinking skills.

Effective Communication

By demonstrating their ability to speak, listen, read, and write with clarity and accuracy, our scholars develop effective communication skills that will prove imperative in their future professional and personal lives.

Self-Direction & Self-Management

Our scholars are taught that their future is ultimately their responsibility. They are encouraged to take initiative with their learning and to push themselves to do their best – even when they aren’t being held accountable by others.