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About Us

Welcome to Gary Lighthouse Charter School-Upper Academy!

Gary Lighthouse Charter School-Upper Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving scholars in grades 4-8 scholars. Our network of dedicated professionals works with scholars, parents, and community partners each day to make quality education accessible to our current body of need number.

Our campus receives public funding from federal and state resources. Managed by Lighthouse Academies, we operate under our charter as authorized by the Indiana Charter School Board. This funding fuels our ability to continue offering vital programs that support our endeavors to offer educational opportunities and activities that help our scholars grow strong in all areas of life.

Funding supports our academic and extracurricular programs including:

  • 21st Century Scholars
  • Choir
  • Student council
  • Boys basketball
  • Girls basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Girls on the RUN
  • After-school programming partnership with City Life Center
  • After-school clubs
  • After-school tutoring

Like all Lighthouse Academies, we share a vision for success that reinforces our belief that the 4Cs -curiosity, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and creativity-offer a comprehensive approach to learning. Driven by our focus on literacy as the foundation for successful we promise to prioritize clear literacy instruction starting in kindergarten so that by third grade all scholars have both the strong literacy foundation and social-emotional skills to successfully transition to reading to learn. For scholars entering Lighthouse Academies after kindergarten, we guarantee they will meet or exceed grade-level expectations within three years.

How Your Scholar Benefits of Attending GLCS Upper Academy

At the Upper Academy, our young learners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Small class sizes
  • Rigorous ELA and math curricula
  • Technology, art, and physical education
  • Opportunities for group work, field trips, and special programs

Our Mission

The education and well-being our scholars is our top priority. We know so much of their future depends on the quality of the education they receive during their time here with us.

Each and every day, our staff is committed to:

  • Inspiring lifelong learners
  • Progressing technologically
  • Motivating students
  • Fostering a student-centered culture
  • Providing a safe, equitable learning environment that includes high-quality facilities for students and staff
  • Welcoming parent and community involvement
  • Teaching the life skills necessary for success
  • Cultivating responsible citizens
  • Improving continually

Our Culture

A Culture of Perseverance and Intellectual Risk taking

At GLCS-Upper Academy, we know the importance of teaching students to look and think past the difficulties they face in pursuing academic excellence. Our culture encourages scholars to understand that their development as strong academic performers and strong human beings, can rely on their ability to approach challenges with clarity. We build a mindset that thinking creatively and working with others can be an integral part of not just academic solutions, but solutions affecting life outside of our walls.

GLCS-Upper Academy, our culture is rooted in fostering an environment that:

Our Leadership

Our leaders appreciate each and every parent who trusts us with their child’s education. Because we know that by trusting us with their education, they are trusting us with their future. Our leaders take pride in that trust, and work hard each day through professional demonstration of character, and by adopting the research-driven methods that make our campus great.

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