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A Different Kind of School Support Partnership

Lighthouse’s team of experts lay a strong foundation for your school’s long-term success

Our Unique Model

At Lighthouse, we are committed to providing the support you need, when and how you need it. We support school leaders in creating independent, community-based schools with our customized service and training for school finance, operations, regulatory compliance and governance. A true partnership that ensures your schools success for generations to come!


Finance & Accounting

We lead the annual budgeting process, ensuring that the budget is a tool to support the school in pursuit of its goals. We develop, implement, and manage financial systems to ensure that the school is aware of its spending practices. 


Our team of experts ensure the safe and efficient management of the school in all aspects, including student enrollment and records, master schedules and bell schedules, bus routes, food services, building safety drills, and everything that involves the day to day operations of a school. 

Talent Acquisition & Human Resources

We work with the school team to identify position allocations, create and then implement the strategy for sourcing, onboarding and retaining talent. Our team of experts will also handle human resource concerns as they arise, and manage your employee benefits administration. 

Professional Development & Coaching

We provide a series of workshops with an emphasis on school operations, sharing best practices and resources to help teams succeed. All participants receive a 360-degree evaluation with a focus on psychological safety and the languages of influence along with coaching to help them reach their goals.

Tiered School Support

Starting a school can be overwhelming, but having a strong foundation is essential for long-term success. Our Tiered Support services provide comprehensive assistance to help you build that foundation, from strategic planning to implementation and beyond.

Charter Renewal Support

Our team of experts streamlines the labor intensive renewal process. Our Charter Renewal Support service will help you navigate the renewal process with comprehensive assistance throughout the entire renewal process to ensure your school's success.

Student Enrollment

We work with our schools to tell their story and create enrollment strategies that capture their vision and set achievable goals. Our team will review documentation, ensure lottery compliance, and foster meaningful community and family engagement to not only ensure a successful enrollment drive, but ensure student retention.

Facility Acquisition & Maintenance

We support our partnering schools with acquiring school facilities, whether they are temporary or a permanent location. Our team of experts will also provide a building maintenance infrastructure and will train your team to lead the maintenance of the building.

Data Reporting & Compliance

From grant and title reporting, to attendance, nutrition and school safety, we do it all. If your school has bond financing, we prepare all related reports and facilitate the school leader's participation in the annual shareholder call. 

School Board Governance Training & Support

We recruit, train, and retain Board members, providing support identifying who should be recruited and retained, and we partner with Board on Track to provide efficient and effective board training. 

Grants Management & Strategic Guidance

We help schools maximize their grant opportunities by helping them navigate the world of school grants. Our team of experts are strategic partners that ensure grant applications and compliance are managed appropriately and with excellence. 

Strategic Planning

We provide a comprehensive approach to organizational strategy, setting long-term goals, and identifying opportunities for growth. Through SWOT analysis and stakeholder engagement, we develop a strategic plan that outlines a path to success and guides implementation. We can also facilitate implementation of the plan, ensuring objectives are met and progress is tracked.

Tiered Supprt

Tiered School Support

For those embarking on the daunting journey of starting a school, our tiered support service can provide the foundation for long-term success. Our experienced team of educators and administrators will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, breaking down overwhelming tasks into manageable steps. With our tiered school support, you will have the confidence and assurance you need to successfully launch your school.

Comprehensive Service

Foundational Year to Year Two 

Comprehensive services to set up and perform all financial, operational, regulatory compliance and governance functions for your school and set you on the path to success. 

  • Budget Preparation

  • Procurement

  • Policies and procedures

  • Staffing

  • Enrollment

  • Business Insurance

  • Payroll

  • Employee Benefit Procurement and Administration

  • Facilities Preparation

  • Safety Plans

  • Risk Assessments

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Board Governance Management and Training

Managed Support Service

Years Three and Four

Oversight to ensure your team

is hitting and exceeding          all financial, operational, regulatory compliance and governance goals. 

  • Tiered training and tools to gradually transition your team to local management of financial, operational, regulatory compliance and governance functions

  • Full-service charter renewal preparation

Consulting Service

Year Five

In year five, we put the finishing touches on preparing your team for independent success. 

  • On-call consulting for all financial, operational, regulatory compliance and governance functions when your team needs support

  • Side-by-side oversight for all financial, operational, regulatory compliance and governance functions

Charter Renewal

Charter Renewal Support

When your focus is on your students
and the stakes are high

The average charter school renewal application process takes over 400 hours of preparation, which detracts from the school leader's and staff's ability to do the essential work of serving  students and families well.


At Lighthouse, we know what it’s like to deal with labor intensive and high stakes charter renewal processes while running a school. We help you navigate renewal while ensuring your school is able to keep its focus on students, where it belongs.


Our team of experts streamlines renewal preparation and shines a light on your school’s unique impact, ensuring that your school's strengths are at the forefront of the renewal decision.

Our services include:

  • Creating and managing a customized renewal project plan built around your school’s renewal requirements and needs

  • Building a relationship with you and your school community to deeply understand and tell your school’s impact story

  • Crafting a clear and compelling written renewal application with the professionalism and visual impact that makes your school shine

  • Organizing and submitting your renewal documentation

  • Preparing you and your school community for site visits, interviews and presentations

  • Managing media associated with your renewal story

Charter Renewal Support
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