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Lighthouse Academies: Making a Positive Difference In and Out of the Classroom

Lighthouse Academies is working to transform several aspects of our scholars’ lives, including their approach to learning now, their ability to succeed in higher education, and even systemic change in their communities.

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A Restorative Approach to Learning

We believe that achieving success in life requires more than book smarts. That’s why in addition to traditional academic, we emphasize our scholars’ social and behavioral development as well. By taking a restorative approach, we are able to produce well-rounded, confident scholars that have the tools they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

College and Career Prep Like No Other

We don’t only want our scholars to be successful during their time with us – we also want them to succeed in whatever life throws their way. That’s why we make it a point to prepare our scholars for life after LHA, and even provide them with support during their first – and arguable most important – years in college.

Changes in Our Communities

LHA serves many students from underprivileged communities. Our scholars face systemic challenges from an early age, as the endless cycle of poverty does not discriminate. We aim to affect these communities in a positive way by giving our students the ability to aim higher and achieve more in the hopes that they will use their education to make a difference in their community in the future.