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Lighthouse Academies: Preparing Students for Success in College and Beyond

While students only spend a few years of their life studying at Lighthouse Academies, they carry the knowledge and tools they gain with us throughout their entire lives. We believe that a strong, well-rounded foundation is necessary to be successful no matter where life leads, and that is exactly what LHA students receive.

College Preparation

While studying at Lighthouse Academies, students can take advantage of numerous opportunities to prepare themselves for college by completing college-level coursework. We offer AP courses, concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment, and other college credit programs to help students reach their full academic potential. In 2017, we had over 100 scholars complete a total of 1200 college credits, and some of our students have impressively earned their Associate degree before graduating from LHA.


The first life milestone LHA students hit as young adults is their graduation – and more students are graduating from Lighthouse Academies than ever before. Our 2017 graduating class achieved a 97 percent graduation rate, compared to 88 percent for the Class of 2015 and 93 percent for the class of 2016. That means in just two years, we have raised our high school graduation rate nine points. Over 1,000 scholars have graduated from LHA since 2013, and over 90 percent of scholars do so with plans to attend college.


LHA scholars attend a number of prestigious post-secondary institutions. Just a handful of the colleges our alumni attend include:

Cornell University

Indiana State University

Wellesley College

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Bethany College

Indiana University Northwest

Purdue University Calumet

Bernard College

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

What’s more, many of our scholars are awarded scholarships, grants, and other financial aid packages at higher education institutions. In 2017, our scholars were collectively awarded a total of $8.2M

Finally, Lighthouse Academies remains invested in our scholars long after they have left our halls. That’s why we partner them with their very own alumni coach. Our coaches work with our alumni through their first two years of college, visiting campuses and organizing alumni events to ensure our scholars have the support they need to achieve a successful college career.