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Hero Treatment

Transforming Communities for Generations to Come

Many students that attend Lighthouse Academies come from underprivileged communities where many opportunities would not otherwise be available to them. Lifetime income inequalities in our schools’ communities affect the quality of life for many of our students, resulting in an endless cycle of poverty. By providing our students with the means to achieve success personally and professionally, we aim to break this cycle and truly transform our students’ lives for the better.

The work we are doing at LHA not only affects our present students, but also has the potential to impact these communities for generations to come. Upon graduating from Lighthouse Academies, many of our students have developed our same passion for improving their communities, and many even plan to return after college to make a difference. Over time, we believe that the work we do will make a lasting difference in these communities by not only inspiring students to achieve more, but by providing them with the guidance to do so.