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Our Schools

With locations across the United States, Lighthouse Academies is making a difference in the lives of students who want more from their future. Our schools serve children grades K-12 from underprivileged communities, presenting them with opportunities they would not otherwise have. It is our goal to help these children achieve lifelong success, and thanks to our rigorous arts-infused program and focus on social development, our scholars become closer to achieving this goal each and every day.

Lighthouse Academies goes beyond traditional academics. Our rigorous arts-infused program and focus on social development gives our scholars the tools they need to be successful after they leave our halls, both in and out of the classroom. We accommodate students of all learning styles, and our course work is comprised of individual, small group, and whole-class work. It is our goal to prepare every student for college so that they can reach their full potential and create a world of opportunity for their future.

Where are we located?

LHA currently has schools in the following states:


New York


In the future, we hope to expand to bring our unique, arts-infused program to more scholars across the country.