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Lighthouse Academies’ Schools Are Transforming Lives in Arkansas

To better reach children in Arkansas, Lighthouse Academies has several K-12 schools located throughout the state. Each of our schools follows a unique arts-infused program with an emphasis on social development to help our scholars become successful in all aspects of life.

Capital City Lighthouse Charter School

Opened in 2015, Capital City features a STEAM Education Model to provide scholars with a well-rounded education. We offer a Gifted and Talented Program as well as an Extended Learning (afterschool tutoring) program to meet the needs of scholars of all levels. Scholars can participate in classes for dance, choir, ceramics, and more, and enjoy many annual events in addition to monthly Family Saturdays. We also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and free transportation.

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School opened in 2009 and offers a Gifted and Talented Program and a Work Hard, Get Smart ELO Program. Our students especially enjoy our International Pen Pal Program, and can participate in vocal and instrumental music and STEM-Robotics, in addition to many extracurricular activities. Annual events include a Fall Festival and Talent Showcase, among others, and we also host Math and Literacy Nights.

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School - Flightline

Flightline opened its doors in 2011 and offers a Gifted and Talented Program, Science Fair, and Math and Literacy Nights, to name just a few features. Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports, including track, basketball, dance, and volleyball. Additional extracurricular activities include Yearbook and Student Council.

Pine Bluff Lighthouse Charter School

Our Pine Bluff school opened in 2011 and hosts a Back to School “Block Party” each year. We develop individualized learning plans for each student, and put an emphasis on writing and critical thinking. We host annual events like a Science and Math Fair, Valentine’s Ball, and Art Exhibit, and also offer many different clubs and extracurricular activities.