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Who We Are

Why We Exist

Lighthouse Academies is a network of public charter schools in Arkansas and Indiana offering unique educational opportunities to students in grades K-12. We are committed educators on a mission to prepare scholars for success that extends beyond the classroom. Our approach to promoting curiosity and creativity, to building strong literacy and critical thinking skills, and to developing a strong work ethic in our scholars ensures that our scholars are prepared for college, career, and life.

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Arkansas Campuses

The first Lighthouse school in Central Arkansas opened its doors to families in 2009. Since then, Lighthouse has become invaluable in ensuring Central Arkansas scholars exceed their educational and life-long goals. Our college preparatory program has expanded to include four campuses in Arkansas, where our students excel in developing scholarly habits, becoming innovative thinkers and growing into well-rounded individuals. We’re preparing scholars to be the next generation of industry leaders, ground-breaking scientists and even agents of social change.


Indiana Campuses

Indiana Lighthouse schools have prepared scholars for college, career, and life in an ever-changing world since 2005. Our schools have opened the doors to hundreds of families seeking a nontraditional approach to college-preparatory learning opportunities that close achievement and opportunity gaps. Our literacy-driven curriculum empowers scholars to think curiously, creatively, critically and collaboratively about the world around them and to explore answers to open-ended questions about their world. Our supportive, family-like environment offers the support our scholars need to envision their success.

We’re currently preparing nearly 2,000 scholars to be the next generation of industry leaders, ground-breaking scientists and even agents of social change.


Shine A Light

Scholar Spotlight: LHA Students Appointed to GYC

At Lighthouse Academies, we thrive on the success of our community of scholars, teachers, and administrators. We highlight their achievements and hope you will join us in celebrating this month’s honoree featured in our ‘Shine A Light’ Spotlight.

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